Item #150923 - Wanted: Treadmill

- Buhl (Alabama) - January 18, 2020

Not one that does everything, just a plain treadmill that you plug in and start walking on it.

Item #150904 - I Want to Buy: Used Washer, Dryer, and Electric Stove

- West Alabama (Alabama) - January 17, 2020

Call me if you have some.

Item #150903 - I Want to Buy: Good Used Golf Cart w/ Charger

- West Alabama (Alabama) - January 17, 2020

For a reasonable price.

Item #150889 - Wanted: 2 to 4 Burial Plots Together

- Tuscaloosa (Alabama) - January 16, 2020

And also vault policy, at Sunset Funeral Home in Northport, AL. If you have decided to be cremated or no longer need/want your burial plots please lv msg and I will return your call.

Item #150767 - Wanted: Toolbox to Fit 2001 Toyota Tacoma Pickup

- Tuscaloosa (Alabama) - January 13, 2020

Small toolbox to go across the bed, can be silver or black, reasonable price.

Item #150756 - Wanted: Good Chevy 350 Engine

- Moundville (Alabama) - January 13, 2020

With carburetor and all accessories for a reasonable price. I need it for a 1988 Chevy Step Van.

Item #150629 - Would Like to trade 45ACP ammo for 9mm luger

Make Offer - Northport (Alabama) - January 10, 2020

Have decided to trade my present handgun for 9mm, i am looking for 9mm ammo to possibly trade for 45 ACP Call me for more information.

Item #150610 - Wanted: Wooden Men's Suit Hangers

- West Alabama (Alabama) - January 9, 2020

The type you can hang your trousers as well as your jacket on. Will make good offer. I need about 10 of them.

Item #150538 - I Want to Buy: Some Old Coins

- Moundville (Alabama) - January 7, 2020

Call me if you have some.

Item #150533 - I Want to Buy: Land in Hale County

- Moundville (Alabama) - January 7, 2020

In or around the Moundville area, with or w/out house or mobile home or land by itself.

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