Posting Policy

Duplicate Ads or Ads that are too similar to an existing Ad will be removed. If you want to re-list an item that you are already advertising, you will need to wait ten days until it is eligible for renewal.

Prior to placing ads in the For Rent and Real Estate categories, please inform yourself about the rules and regulations on Equal Housing Opportunities.

The following activities are prohibited on the Purple Cow Classifieds Network:

  • Placing an Ad if you are not located in the US
  • Posting an item for sale that is
    • not located in the US
    • is illegal to own, buy or sell in your area of residence and the area you are advertising
    • is on our prohibited items list
  • Placing multiple Ads that are too similar to each other
  • Placing an Ad that serves no reasonable purpose other than to send traffic to another web site.
  • No links to other web sites may be included in an ad unless it is an approved, paid business ad.
  • Placing an Ad that defames anyone or contains "hate speech" (whether directed at individuals or groups) in your postings
  • Placing a multi-level marketing or other prohibited employment Ad
  • Placing pornography, nudity or other material that is obscene or adult in nature or harmful to minors
  • Solicitation of other users, except by placing an Ad, including the use of’s e-mail services to send unsolicited emails
  • Infringing the rights of third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, infringing on intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark (e.g. offering counterfeit items for sale)
  • Discriminatory or offensive behavior and the usage of profanity or patently vulgar language
  • Encouraging others to break the law
  • Misleading others by false statements
  • Violation of Fair Housing laws and regulations
  • Violation of Equal Opportunity and job discrimination laws and regulations

If you cannot find your listing, it may have been rejected or removed by an administrator of the Purple Cow Classifieds Network. We reserve the right to reject or delete any listings that we deem inappropriate for the Purple Cow Classifieds Network or that appear to be illegal, fake, fraudulent or misleading without notice or explanation. We also reserve the right to delete any listings containing or related to the following prohibited items without notice:

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