Prohibited Items

  • Adult Items & Toys
    Anything you won't find in a typical drug store or supermarket Sexually explicit material.
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes & Tobacco
    e-Cigarettes, glass/metal/ceramic pipes Exceptions: memorabilia, posters, seeds, collectible packaging.
  • Contests, Sweepstakes, Lotteries & Non-Sponsored Raffles
  • Copyrighted Materials
    MP3/music files, movie files, digital photos, electronic books, recipes, pdf files, etc, including devices advertised with media on them already. Virtual goods (any non-physical objects purchased for use in online communities or online games) Exceptions: your auction clearly states that you legally own the content (also known as intellectual property) or are authorized to sell it by the owner, an authorized agent of the owner, or law
  • Coupons
    Anything that offers a discount such as "$x off y", "% off", "buy x get y free" or requiring a minimum purchase, including coupons with too many restrictions
    Exceptions: coupons that give you something for free with no minimum purchase, shipping charges of any kind, and no strict rules on redemption
  • Credit & Debit Cards
    Including Prepaid credit & debit cards (or money gift cards) from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa.
  • Currency or Offers to Pay the Winner
    Anything made from currency (i.e. origami), Virtual currency. Exceptions: collectibles, art, out-of-circulation currency, Drugs. Expired Goods. Anything that has expired and is no longer safe to use
  • Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Devices
  • Fireworks:
    Destructive devices.
    Explosives and explosive material
  • Gift Cards With Fees
    Any gift cards that have mandatory fees or service charges, including gift cards with strict rules or too many restrictions
    Including any gift cards under $1
  • Ingestible Items
    Food & beverages, excluding certain"farmer's market" items
  • Intangible Goods, Trash
    Including any other items that Listia deems unsuitable for the site
  • Invite Codes to Illegal Sites or to Sites That Are Readily Available
    We may limit invite codes to certain sites at our discretion
    Exceptions: rare and hard-to-get codes at our discretion
  • Links, References or Solicitations to Outside Sites, Companies, Organizations, Groups, Newsletters or Mailing Lists
    Any links, URLs, usernames, or references to the above in your listing title, description or other fields are prohibited
    Exceptions: links provided purely for clarification or further description of the item listed (ie, not to a store or business) or trustworthy charitable organizations
  • Medicine (Prescription and/or Non-Prescription)
  • Non-Transferrable Vouchers or Checks
  • Replicas, Fakes, Counterfeit Items & Unauthorized Copies or Illegal Use of Trademarks
    Any items that cannot be determined to be authentic are prohibited. If you are not sure if it's real, you cannot list it.
    Includes copied CDs, DvDs and other media as well
    Fake, forged, and unauthentic sports memorabilia, collectibles or autographed items
    Exceptions: legitimate copies of non-trademarked goods or designs. Authorized pre-printed autographs or autographed items are allowed if you have the rights to accurately reproduce the original signed item and clearly state in the listing that the autograph is pre-printed and not an original
  • Software CD Keys, Serial Numbers & Licenses
    OEM (intended to be used with the original hardware)
    Exceptions: OEM software packaged w/ OEM hardware
  • Used Underwear
    Exceptions: bras
  • Weapons
    • Illegal weapons and related items will not be accepted.
      This includes:
      • Illegal firearms, firearm parts and magazines (If you see an illegal firearm posted, please contact us)
      • Tear gas
      • Stun guns
      • Switchblade knives
      • Martial arts weapons (e.g. nunchucks)

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